Devilmen Have Feelings Too! (Devilman Crybaby Review)

WARNING POSSIBLE SPOILERS! Genre: Action, Horror, Supernatural Rating: 18+ Studio: Science SARU Episodes: 10 Originally released: 5th January 2018 Available on: Netflix Languages Available: Japanese, English, Portuguese, French, Spanish,  Subtitles Available: Japanese, English, Polish, Arabic and French Manga: Yes Devilman Crybaby is a new Netflix original anime which was released on 5th January 2018. This series originated from... Continue Reading →


DARLING in the FRANXX Episode 1

WARNING SPOILERS Genre: Sci-fi, Mecha Demographic: Shounen Studios: Studio Trigger and A-1 Pictures Episodes: 24 Released: Winter 2018 Plot: DARLING in the FRANXX is based in the future where humanity has set up the mobile fort city Plantation. Children who are born there are born and bred to fight and pilot giant robots called FRANXX... Continue Reading →

December Music Discoveries

I know this post is horribly late but hey better late than never right? In December I decided to finally give Spotify a go (you can follow me on there at anerdyperspective) and this excellent decision allowed me to discover a bunch of new bands and artists. Touch My Secret First up are the J-rock band... Continue Reading →

Otaku Coin: Anime’s Game Changer?

I discovered this amazing idea from the lovely anime YouTuber Akidearest as she made a video recently solely about this new creation in the works. This idea is being put together by the company TokyoOtakuMode which is a company that sell all kinds of Japanese products. Everything from figures and cosplay to Japanese fashion and... Continue Reading →

A Cup of Coffee

I wanted to make this quick post to tell you that I have set up Ko-Fi page. I have seen many other bloggers with Pateron and Ko-Fi pages and have been questioning whether I should make something too. I have been putting off and toiling with the idea for a while now and everyone I... Continue Reading →

The Slice of Life That Went Wrong (Anime-Gataris Review)

WARNING POSSIBLE SPOILERS! Genre: Comedy, School Life Rated: PG 13+ Studio: WAO World Episodes: 12 Original Run: Autumn 2017 Languages Available: Japanese, English Subtitles Available (via Crunchyroll): English, Spanish and Portuguese  Manga Series: No   Anime-Gataris is a series based around a high school girl named Asagaya Minoa who is new to the anime world. Minoa's (extremely) rich... Continue Reading →

A Sweet Sadistic Maid and Co (Blend-S Review)

WARNING POSSIBLE SPOILERS! Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life Demographic: Seinen Studio: A-1 Pictures Episodes: 12 Originally ran from: October 8th- December 24th 2017 Languages Available: Japanese Subtitles Available (via Crunchyroll): English, Spanish and Portuguese  Manga Series: Yes Ahh yes everyone's favourite new meme that has been ever so popular this season! Even YouTubers like Pewdiepie have... Continue Reading →

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